What is this page about?  Connections to German culture and to other organizations.

Here are some links to German music, food, news, on-line language learning resources, and famous German-Americans in history.  Also here are links to the German-American Heritage Foundation and our neighboring German clubs in central California.

Music:  Here is some of the traditional music we associate with Germany.

Food:  Who doesn’t like food?  Germans are famous for Wurst and Sauerkraut and cheese and beer, but here are some other items you might like.

News:  Get the German perspective on world affairs.

On-line Language Learning:  German is a cool language that 100 million people speak, and everybody else wants to learn. There are dozens of web sites that help you do just that, and here are a few.

Unsung Heros:  German immigrants made a positive difference in America.  Here are some historically significant German-Americans.

Other Clubs:  We are not alone!  There are German-American clubs elsewhere in California and in the USA who are into their activities mit beiden Füßen!  See their web presence here.